E-Commerce market research guide

Apart from these two market research methods described, there are certain other methods for Internet and e-commerce Businesses.

Advertising Research

It measures the effectiveness of advertising medium, track the ads ability to get the attention and motivate the consumer and communicate the message to them.

Brand Research

It analyses, How consumer associate themselves with the brand, how favourably consumer views the brand. What are the key traits of the brand.

Commercial Eye Tracking

It examines ads, packages, websites and all the visual mediums one uses to analyze the visual behavior of the customer.

Cultural Research

It observes and predicts changes brought on by the new and existing cultural trends in areas such as fashion, Music, films, television and youth culture.

Buyer Decision Processes Research

It estimates, what motivates people to buy and what motives them to use certain Decision-making process.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Research: - It includes quantitative and qualitative service with product, service.

Demand Estimation

It determines the approximate demand for product.

Distribution channel Audits

This assess retailer’s attitude toward product, brands or company.

Internet Strategic Intelligence

It searches for customer opinions on the Internet such as chat, Webpages and etc.

Marketing effectiveness and Analytics

It assess individual marketing activity.

Mystery shopping

It happens when employee or personal from market research firm anonymously contact sales person and indicates that they are shopping for product.

Positioning Research

It studies, what brand stands for.

Price plasticity testing

It determines how sensitive customers are to price changes.

Sales Forecasting

Its measurement of given level of demand against forecast of sales.

Segmentation Research

It determines demographic, cyclographic and behavioural characteristics of potential buyers.

Online Panels

– This are groups of individual responds to market research online.

Store Audits

When retail stores provide detail audits on brands, it results in store audits for brand products.

Viral Marketing research

It estimates for social networking potential.

We at Market Intellica and our affiliated publishers follow the above stated basic methods with the deeper use of precision and accuracy in data analysis and help our customers achieve more details to their specific research problems.