About Us

Unlock your Data

We crunch the data from multiple sources and enable business with the relevant insights to deliver the Superior Marketing Performance
Data is the new oil of today’s world, and we aim at leveraging this to the fullest and take traditional market research to the new level. Data-driven analytics and insights provide more relevant context to analyze the data in a more detailed way. If you have a data that has been accumulated over the past years and don’t know how to leverage it all? We are there to help you to bring all your data together and fit it into a bigger picture!
Market Intellica is a unique source of market research data for clients that comprise acclaimed SMEs, Chinese companies, private equity firms, and MNCs. We provide market research reports on various categories such as Chemicals, Energy, Alternative and Green Energy, Manufacturing, Machinery, Pharmaceuticals and Materials and many more. We are a one stop solution for market reports published by most of the leading publishers, that are easy-to-access, updated with new and emerging technology in the market and with a global industry coverage.

Market Intellica Mission

Market Intellica combines skills of a Data Scientist, Data Analysts, Business sector experts with advanced analytics tools to leverage client, third party data and other secondary source as well as primary source of information to provide turnkey and custom solutions. We aim to provide data-driven insights that supports high frequency and tactical marketing decisions. We provide a variety of syndicated studies that hold the potential of assisting our clients with their specific market research needs by offering insights based on extensive primary interviews, market surveys, company profiles and competitive landscaping.

How are we Different

Leveraging the power of machine learning methods and Big Data technology, we, not only assist our customers with market reports but also provide a machine learning vertical to your company. Everyone has their data gathered over years, but they do not know how to use it to get the key insights, here we offer you our strong expertise. Our Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers can help you to generate insights from your data. We understand that data security is an important aspect and our infrastructure makes sure that we comply with it. Not just a small data-set, we can also handle a large amount of data, thus using technology like Spark and Hadoop. There are many use cases that one can imagine using any kind of time-series data that is gathered over years. It can be understanding the key factor driving your revenue, sales, demand or loss, etc. We select and train the best suitable machine learning model which can be further used to solve clients’ problems with a near real-time performance. We assist companies and their executives to make better, faster, reliable, and effective decisions with market reports and data-driven market insights because time is important.